Optimizing Concussion Care to Improve Athlete Health and Recovery

Synaptek is a concussion-focused app that supports athlete health, recovery, and performance by making testing, documentation, and analytics easy. Talk to our team to get started today!


Powerful features

 Streamline Your Concussion Management

assess and analyze phones

Effortlessly perform testing and enter notes on mobile devices.

Athlete tracking

Easily track athlete history and progress through return-to-play.

Easy data sharing

Facilitate communication and collaboration with a centralized platform.

Useful data analysis

Increase your clinical insights and oversight with easy-to-use data tools.

Ready to take your concussion care to the next level?

Pilot program demonstrates your benefits

100+ hours/yr saved
Improved ease and efficiency of concussion care
Provided help with clinical decisions during diagnosis and recovery

"The platform is very easy to use. Our athletic trainers are able to save time, improve communication, and make more informed clinical decisions by using Synaptek."

Rob Ullery, MS, LAT, ATC

Director of Athletic Training Services

Easy and Efficient for Clinicians

Better Outcomes for Athletes

Improving Oversight for Directors

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ATC's could use spare time. We can give them 100+ hours! Seriously.

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