Automate Patient Reported Outcomes
with next-gen AI

Get first access to the benefits of AI-powered Patient Reported Outcomes for MSK treatment and rehab.

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real-time patient insights without the extra work

Your patients use their smartphones as they would in everyday life. Our AI predicts Patient Reported Outcomes. No surveys. No extra work.


How it works

Our easy to use platform makes your Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program efficient for you and your patients.


Patients use their smartphone normally

Synaptek passively collects smartphone sensor data to understand how a patient is behaving.

AI Predicts patient reported outcomes

This results in real-time accurate PRO symptom predictions that are unique to the patient.

patients stay engaged + higher satisfaction

The passive process makes it easy for patients, so you have the data you need for more timely and informed clinical decisions; and full revenue capture.

your practice captures full revenue potential

You're able to ensure patients are meeting adherence requirements, enabling full capture of reimbursable revenue.

NSF funded

Supported by the national science foundation

Funding from the NSF let us develop next-gen AI that lets your patients use their smartphone normally to accurately predict their Patient Reported Outcomes.

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Help shape the future of your remote care.

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Shape the future


Gathering Patient Reported Outcomes doesn't have to be a burden. We're here to make capturing PROs seamless and easy for your practice.

improved patient engagement

Better patient engagement and retention with our passive data collection process

aI-powered assistant

Gain valuable insights to assist your clinical decisions via AI-powered, real-time data

gain efficiency

Eliminate inefficiencies in remote patient care for yourself, your practice, and your patients

Financial BENEFITS

Ensure patient engagement and capture the full revenue potential of your RTM services.

Competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage for your practice by leveraging cutting edge AI-powered tech

Capture more revenue

Capture revenue available from new CMS billing codes for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

better results with ai

Maximize results per dollar spent for your practice & patients with our AI-powered platform

Start gaining the full benefits of patient reported outcomes

Our cutting edge AI automates Patient Reported Outcomes, maximizing clinical and financial benefits for your practice.Why wait? Be a part of the exclusive launch.

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Join the waitlist

secure. safe. private.

Our HIPAA compliant platform collects only the data necessary for PROs. We don't collect any sensitive data like text messages, email. etc., and are verified HIPAA-compliant by 3rd-party auditors.

Compliancy group HIPAA Certified badge.