Accessible & Actionable Data is the Future for Concussion Care

What good is your concussion data if it isn't accessible & actionable in the clinic or on the sidelines? The future of care is digital and mobile.

The importance of data in concussion management is unlike most injuries. That much is understood. Large efforts are made to ensure that baseline data on symptoms, cognition, balance, and more are collected on athletes- But it is crazy how often we hear that this baseline or historic data on athletes is not made easy to use and actionable.

State-of-the-art assessments aren’t useful if they aren’t practical in a clinical setting, or on the sidelines when a potential concussion occurs. The future of concussion care is digital and mobile. 

Everyone has a smartphone. You know, those pocket computers that have millions of times more storage and computing power than the computers that guided the Apollo 11 mission to the moon… So shouldn’t we be able to use them for making concussion management better?

It should not only be easy and efficient to enter data into the phone though- it has to be actionable. What is the point of working hard to enter data into an electronic system if you can’t easily reference it or use it?

With Synaptek, we have constantly been working with athletic trainers and other clinicians to understand how we can best give you the data you need in an actionable manner at your fingertips. 

With a tap of a screen on your smartphone, you can see how an athlete or patient is performing in the context of their current injury and how that compares to any previous injuries or assessments.

This real-time access to data when and where you need it aids in the diagnosis process when assessing an athlete.

We pair that data with some easy-to-digest graphs to further assist clinicians in their evaluation. Being able to visualize value change over time has proven extremely useful for the clinicians we work with.

In 2022, I think we can all agree this should become commonplace, don’t you think?


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