Don't be a hammerhead.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s book is an inspiring journey of concussion recovery. And some great insight for NASCAR fans too!

I am not always the best with books. I am known for getting one and letting it sit on the shelf for far too long before actually reading it. Maybe I like the vanity of a bookshelf?

BUT- I did finally get around to reading Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s book "Racing to the Finish". As someone that grew up in a NASCAR watching family (I was more of a Gordon fan, sorry Dale), and now is part of a concussion-focused company, it was a fascinating read. 

DON'T BE A HAMMERHEAD. The name of the final chapter. A reference to the nickname Dale Jr was given for being so stubborn and hardheaded growing up. The moral of his story- when it comes to concussions- DON'T BE A HAMMERHEAD.

The book covers his journey of hiding his concussions for far too long and the hard work it took for him to recover. He takes you through his journey working with the renowned Dr. Micky Collins in Pittsburgh to get back to not only normalcy, but racing.

"Don't be a hammerhead" means don't hold out telling someone about your concussion to miss time from the sport you love- because ultimately, the sooner you get help, the sooner you can return.

The book inspires hope surrounding concussion too. Suffering a concussion doesn't mean it is all over for you. By getting help, he was able to race again. There is A LOT of doom and gloom that surrounds concussion- but Dale shows the hope that Dr. Micky Collins inspired in him that HE CAN AND WILL RECOVER- as long as he gets help and follows it.

Same goes for any other athlete. Not just the superstars. Loud and clear support needs to be given to athletes at all levels that admitting a concussion is ok. And the sooner you report it the better. Get the help you need now, work hard at rehab, and get back to what you love.

It is also why we work so hard at Synaptek to give clinicians the tools they need at their fingertips to know when it is time to pull an athlete from play, and when they are ready to go back. 

If Synaptek can help all the hammerheads out there like Dale and myself recognize their concussion, so they can get the help they need and recover, then we will have done our job.

Thank you Dale Jr for writing this book!

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