Middle Tech Podcast

Middle Tech Podcast


James McCollum


Okay...I have a confession to make: my name is James, and I'm a podcast addict.

I listen to at least one a day; sometimes more. If you see me with headphones on there's either an audio book or podcast going 98% of the time. (The other 2% is an even split between music and me pretending to have something playing so people let me work in peace.)

The podcast scene has, to put it lightly, blown up over the past few years. If you're looking for something focused on your favorite tv show, sports, or a random nuanced interest, there's almost guaranteed to be a podcast devoted to it.

Game of Thrones recaps? Check. Westworld fan theories? Yeah...I'm all about it! Sports podcasts? Yeah, there's about 300k of those.

What's even cooler about the podcast scene is how localized and community-driven many of them have become. And that's no different here in central Kentucky.

While there's no shortage of podcasts focusing on the sports scene in Kentucky, the podcast space was lacking for a huge interest of mine—startups and entrepreneurship.

That is, until Nate Antetomaso, Evan Knowles, and Logan Jones started Middle Tech Podcast.

Middle Tech Podcast is a weekly podcast exploring startups, technology, and entrepreneurship in Kentucky and beyond.

When I found Middle Tech, I was immediately hooked.

I reached out to Evan via the Startup Lexington Slack channel and asked if he thought the listeners might like to hear about a newly formed startup's journey and how we have been embraced by the local startup community.

We can't thank thank the Middle Tech team enough for continuing to show that support and having us on the podcast. Much love, guys!

Check out the podcast below or on your favorite podcast app:


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