ATC's could use spare time. We can give them 100+ hours! Seriously.

Synaptek saves athletic trainers 100+ hours per year on concussion management.

If you know an athletic trainer, then you know how busy they are. I have always been amazed at the passion athletic trainers have for their job and the hourly demands placed on them.

Which is why it is surprising to me how much time they are forced to spend on administrative tasks or other tasks that take away from focus on healthcare. Especially when it comes to concussion care.

The good news is that our pilot study tells us Synaptek can save athletic training staff (and other sports med staff) 100+ hours per year.

Here is how that works out:

One of our pilot partners and customers, Georgetown College Athletics, was using pen and paper SCAT5 forms for concussion care and switched to using Synaptek.

480 baseline tests, 25 injury tests, and 62 post-injury tests were entered into the Synaptek platform. 

Ok, so what?

Well, it turns out that using Synaptek saved them up to 10 minutes during administration of a SCAT5 from start to finish compared with pen and paper methods. Additionally, they reported that Synaptek saved them 10-20 minutes per week in other administrative and filing tasks.

Let's think about how that adds up.

567 SCAT5 assessments x 10 minutes = about 94 hours saved. 52 weeks x 20 min/week = about 17 hours. 94 hours + 17 hours = 111 hours saved. Let's break that down to a 60 hour, demanding work week...

That means that you are saving almost 2 whole weeks out of the year. The athletic training team was able to get back weeks of time that otherwise would have been unnecessarily spent on handling data.

Even conservatively, Synaptek can save you close to 40 hours, or 1 whole "work week", per year!

Wouldn't you like 1-2 weeks of your time each year back to spend on other things? We can help you provide more efficient and higher quality concussion care in less time. 

If you would like to learn more about how Synaptek can help optimize concussion care for your athletic department or clinic, contact us at or schedule a demo here.

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