Synaptek awarded grant for woman-led business

Synaptek awarded grant for woman-led business


Doug Van Pelt, PhD


Back in May of this year, we were honored to receive the Amber Grant from the WomensNet foundation. This grant was created to honor the memory of Amber Wigdahl, who passed away at 19 years old and was unable to achieve her entrepreneurial dream. The Amber grant makes it possible for other women to achieve the dreams that Amber never had a chance to pursue. We could not be more honored to receive this grant to pursue our dream of transforming concussion care!

This grant also highlights the vision and leadership of Kate Van Pelt, the founder and CEO of Synaptek. Technically, the Amber Grant was awarded to Kate, and James and I get to reap the benefits as co-founders of Synaptek. I may be slightly biased since we are married, but I can say with certainty that Kate's passion and determination to help her fellow athletes is very apparent. You see, the Amber grant application is not your standard grant application. They want you to show business smarts, but importantly, to also speak from the heart. Kate is a former collegiate ice hockey player (and a very good one) that has witnessed the detrimental impacts fo concussion firsthand. She has made it her calling to not only revolutionize concussion care, but to ultimately improve neurological health outcomes for future generations fo athletes like her. It was exciting to know that WomensNet appreciated her drive and potential and honored Kate with the Amber Grant. Both James and I know that with Kate on our side, our potential with Synaptek is limitless. We also hope Kate serves as an inspiration to other women entering the entrepreneurial space.

So thanks again to WomensNet for honoring Kate and Synaptek with the May 2019 Amber Grant award!

One more thing... Please VOTE for Kate at the link below so she has a chance to also win the $25,000 annual Amber Grant award!

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