Take back control of concussion care.

Save time. Improve communication. Have centralized documentation. Make objective and informed decisions. All with one easy-to-use app.


A Complete Solution

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Streamline care from start to finish.

Concussion care is more than baseline testing. That's why we designed the app to help make EVERY step of concussion care easier.

Modern & mobile testing modules

Easy data access & visualization

Instant & secure cloud based documentation

Efficient data sharing and PDF exports

and more!

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Don't just check a box.

Synaptek provides an app to perform and track the most trusted evidence-based care in a way that actually makes it easier for you. Your modern solution should do more than just check a box to meet a requirement.

Symptom tracking

Cognitive testing


Balance & Gait

Mental Health Screening

Injury Details

Red Flags

Clinical Notes


Get the most out of your data

  • Time Savings

  • Communication

  • Insights

  • Oversight

100+ hours per year can be taken back by switching to Synaptek

Our users report that they save 10 minutes per assessment and up to 20 minutes per week on data management. That adds up to 1-2 weeks of time you can get back by making the switch to Synaptek. That's a lot of time back for other more important things.

Handwritten notes and clunky data sharing can be a thing of the past

There is no need for finding data filed away or having to hack a solution to send over data to a team physician anymore. ATC's can easily share Synaptek data via easy PDF exports, or even better, have your physician use Synaptek so they can see all the data in one place and make their own assessments directly into the platform.

Take the subjectivity out of decision making 

Whether on the sideline, or in the clinic, you have the easily visualized data right at your fingertips to make clinical decisions with confidence. The platform also provides higher level information about your concussion program so you can know when your approach is working, and when it's not.

Get the foolproof documentation and transparency you should have

You know the importance of documentation in healthcare and the consequences of not having it. Say goodbye to these concerns by housing your concussion care data and documented decisions in the streamlined and accessible Synaptek platform.

Want to see Synaptek in action?

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