Efficient & Effective

Concussion Management Made Easy

Concussion care is nuanced and time-consuming. Have all of your data and testing in a streamlined easy-to-use platform. Bring a modern solution to your concussion care today!

Synaptek platform overlaid on to multiple electronic devices.


Data and Testing Anytime and Anywhere

Our native app gives you all of your concussion testing and data needs at your fingertips so you can make informed and documented decisions.

  • Easy SCAT5 testing & clinical notes entry
  • Compare results to baseline or normative values for crucial decision making
  • Data available when and where you need it
  • Quick & reliable HIPAA compliant cloud storage


A Powerful Portal for All of Your Clinical Needs 

A centralized web portal allows you to easily share data, analyze data, and track your concussion program.

  • Easy export and sharing of concussion data 
  • Advanced analytics tools to track and understand your athletes' health and concussion program
  • Facilitate transparency and ensure compliance with tools that enable clear oversight and reporting

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